Rindermarkt 23

8001 Zürich

Cultural space
Unterstützt durch / supported by enSoie
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Rindermarkt Logo 23

We fell in love once

From 29. October 2020 at Rindermarkt 23 until further notice : "We fell in love once" — a temporary thrift store curated by enSoie founder and directors Monique, Eleonore, Sophie and Anna Meier!

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 11:00–18:30
Saturday: 12:00–16:00

- Bring your own mask
- Pay by card only (no cash) 
- Max. 6 people allowed at once

The profit of the sales will be donated.


Andreas Lumineau, [POSTPONED]
Sophia Seemann, 19.11.2020
Eleonore Meier, 21.11.2020
FUBU, ZHdK, 26.11.2020
Hotmailhotnail, 27.11.2020–3.1.2021

June Fischer, 8.1.2021–20.1.2021
FUBU, ZHdK, 21.1.2021
Hot Wire Extensions, 25.1.2021–30.1.2021
FUBU, ZHdK, 27.5.2021


Markus Dulk
Albas choice

Ariane Vonmoos
Nourish to flourish

On the occasion of the exhibition the publication «Umami» by Ariane Vonmoos, published by Innen Books, will be launched.

Photos: Rafael Palacio Illingworth

petit enSoie, kids store
By June 2020
The store is now located at Strehlgasse 26, 8001 Zürich.

Eleonore Francesca Meier, ceramics
20. January 2018

Bestiaire Intime, poetry reading
14. December 2017

Vintage art & photo books by Chris Eggli
26. November 2017

Konga Bar
18. November 2017

Studio Ilio, design objects
10.-12. November 2017

Julian Zigerli pop-up store
24. October - 23. December 2017

Simon Trüb, ceramics
12. October 2017