Small drinking glass

Glass, transparent

CHF 40.00

Three glass shapes echoing the initial design of our ceramic cups which were formed at the in-house atelier: tall for water, small for wine – or vice versa!
Perfect for everyday or formal dinner settings, our collection will bring joy to any occasion.
Every glass item is handcrafted by the master glassblowers of 'Glasi Hergiswil' at the foot of Mount Pilatus on the shores of Lake Lucerne in the Canton of Nidwalden, Switzerland. A closer look at each piece, which at first glance may appear identical, reveals the uniqueness of each item thanks to subtle variations in shape and texture.

Size: 7.5 cm x 9 cm 
Material: 100% Glass

More information

- 100% glass
- Handmade in Hergiswil, Switzerland
- Mouth-blown
- Hand-engraved in Zürich, Switzerland
- Dishwasher proof
- Designed by Atelier enSoie Zürich



  • Large glass
    Wine glass

    Large drinking glass

    Glass, transparent

    CHF 50.00
  • Wine glass
    Wine glass

    Wine glass

    Glass, transparent

    CHF 80.00
  • Glass pitcher
    Glass pitcher

    Lotte jug

    Glass, transparent

    CHF 260.00