Heavy cotton, vichy, black ink

CHF 40.00

Our signature vichy and striped patterns are released in a new, oversized version to complement the original vichy fabrics. The fabric features a slightly thicker feel than the original woven textiles, for extra sturdiness.
The colourful napkins prove to be not just helpful but also a pretty accessory for your family dinner. Whether in combination with linen napkins or just in a colourful patterned mix, the napkins surely complete any table setting. Each piece is double-layered around the border and embroidered with our dancing rabbit logo. 

Size: 42 x 44 cm 
Material: 100% Cotton 

More information

- 100% Cotton, GOTS certified, Chennai India
- Responsibly handsewn in Kolkata, India
- Hand-embroidered in Kolkata, India 
- Wash at 30°C
- Designed at Atelier enSoie Zürich