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Rapid Rabbit wool blanket

Sheep wool, Beige, Navy, Green, Burgundy

CHF 390.00

The colourful Rapid Rabbit woollen blanket is a wonderful addition to your sofa or recliner. With its beautiful shades of blue, purple and orange, this lovely piece matches a variety of other colours. 

Each of the beautiful and unique wool blankets features a hand-embroidered silk label.

The woven blanket was handmade in Yorkshire, England, from spun sheep's wool. This high-quality material has a natural temperature-regulating function that always ensures a comfortable warmth. Wool is also not electrostatic and is therefore naturally resistant to dirt and odours.

Due to their handmade nature, each of the woollen blankets is absolutely unique. 

More information

- Designed at Atelier enSoie Zürich
- Woven in Yorkshire, UK
- Labels hand-embroidered in Kolkata, India


- 100% sheep wool
- Dry clean only 

Size guide

- ca. 160 x 187 cm 
- Fringes: 10 cm