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LitAo-LIFE ear stud - single

Sterling silver

CHF 360.00

Based on Dieter Meier's original handwriting of his proverb 'Love is the art of life', we have created a very special jewellery collection. The collection features lovely pendants, bold statement earrings, and lovely rings. Each piece is hand-cast in 925 sterling silver with a few selected items hand-cast in fine 9 karat gold.
The pretty and elegant statement ear stud will become your new favourite to wear for your next family gathering and upcoming festivities. It can also be purchased in pair with the Love ear stud. 

Size: 9 x 4 cm
Material: 925 sterling silver

More information

- 925 sterling silver
- Responsibly handmade in Kolkata, India
- Hand-poured 
- Use polishing cloth
- Designed at Atelier enSoie Zürich