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Aster flower

Monthly Collection, Sterling Silver, 9 Karat Gold

CHF 75.00



Asters are a little wonder of nature. With their delicate petals in soft shades of purple, they look almost fragile. But despite this appearance, the small flowers survive even cool autumn days seemingly effortlessly. This resistance also gives the asters a high symbolic value. Thus, the delicate flower stands for love and patience, versatility, sensitivity and intuition, hope and positive energy.

The beautifully detailed aster flower pendant in sterling silver is part of the enSoie Monthly Collection. This special jewellery collection features twelve carefully designed and beautifully crafted pieces, each symbolic of a calendar month. The aster flower represents the month of September, the beginning of autumn.

More information

- Designed at atelier enSoie Zürich
- Responsibly handmade in Kolkata, India
- Hand-poured 


- 925 Sterling Silver / 9 Karat Gold
- Use polishing cloth

Size guide

- 1.5 cm