Vichy 4.3 scarf

wool green pink

CHF 420.00

This oversized Vichy 4.3 wool scarf is handwoven from ultra-soft wool featuring our signature vichy pattern in two contrasting colours. Each scarf is completed with a hand-embroidered label.
Thanks to its very big rectangular size, it can be worn both, in the shape it comes or folded into a square to wear in a triangle. 

A wonderfully versatile accessory perfect for a spring stroll through the city or a walk in blooming countryside. 

Size: 110 x 200 cm 

- 100% wool, Jammu & Kashmir
- Responsibly woven in Srinagar, India
- Hand-embroidered label, Kolkata India
- Dry clean only
- Designed at atelier enSoie Zürich