enSoie philosophy

Sustainability, both social and ecological, is our core philosophy. For over 30 years we have established successful partnerships with small, often family-run manufacturers, who produce exclusively for us. Transparency is very important to us. Please find all detailed information about our manufactories, fabrics, raw materials and partners on this website. We as a family business guarantee fair working conditions, locally and abroad. All manufactories are visited regularly by us and by independent organisations or NGOs.


Design & Crafts

We design everything in-house. All members of the family are actively involved in the design process. Longevity of our products and artisanal techniques are at the heart of our design principles.

We are mindful and respectful of ancient crafts and deeply committed to keeping them alive

Hand embroidery
On most of our items you will discover a small hand embroidery, made by our highly skilled embroidery artists in Kolkata, India. These lovely details give each item a unique soul. Our partnership with the manufactory in India goes back to the early eighties.

Our collections are sewn in a cooperative in Hungary, where tailoring has a long tradition. Our pattern maker and tailors work with high passion and precision.

Hand weaving
The ancient method of hand weaving is a beautiful and elaborate craft. Through precision and much attention to detail, our weavers in Kathmandu ensure only the highest quality for our cashmere stoles.

Leather manufactory
Our leather goods are made by hand, in a tiny manufactory in the Swiss Alps. The family-run business has its origin in shoe making. Their small team only works with high-end, and ecological leather.

Handpainted ceramics
Our master ceramicist Justyna, located in Poland, is responsible for enSoie’s handmade ceramics. Each object is poured and then handpainted by her. We have been partners for 30 years.


Materials & Certifications


At enSoie we only use natural fibres for our clothing and accessory lines. Not only do they come from renewable resources but they also have great characteristics. They keep their beauty and regenerate themselves. Most of our textiles can just be hung outside. Washing or dry cleaning can be reduced to a minimum. For more information see our care instructions. We prefer certified textiles. From the raw material to the ready-made piece, we aim for a continuously improved and fully transparent supply chain.

Wool knit

Wool crepe

Cotton popeline

Cotton jersey

Cotton vichy

Biological Belgian and Austrian linen

All our silk fabrics are yarn dyed with AZO free Swiss colours

Mongolian origin dyed with AZO free Swiss colours


Other materials

925 sterling silver
Tested by EMK, G.N Hallmarking and in-house for composition and purity

9 karat gold
Tested by EMK, G.N Hallmarking and in-house for composition and purity

Vegetable dyed from Northern Europe

Horn Buttons

Metal zippers riri and YKK

RDS certified






Care & Service

Handle our items with love and care.

For most of our textile items we advise dry cleaning.

Though in general the idea is to „wear more, wash less“.

Silks can be hung in a steamy bathroom; this will naturally iron them and help remove smells naturally.

Cotton household items such as napkins, placemats and kitchen towel can be washed at 30°C in a regular washing machine. It is important to not use any fabric softener as this will break up the fabric fibres and release the colour in the item and thus resulting in bleeding.

Our ceramics should be washed by hand if you want the 10k gold rim to stay as beautiful as possible. Some washing up liquids are very agressive and will erode the golden details.
If the gold details should get dull cleaning them with toothpaste can brighten them.

If bronze items should develop green rust they can be put in a bath of water mixed with white vinegar, this removes the green rust.

Jewellery items can easily be re-shined with the help of silver, gold or brass cleaning agents.

Our leather items naturally darken when exposed to the sun. This is due to the vegetable tanning which does not infuse any chemicals into the leather.

Wool clothes and scarves can be hanged outside on a foggy morning from time to time. The moisture enhances the wool's self-cleaning properties.

We take great pride in our service après-vente and try to maintain the longevity of all our products. Our After-Sales-Service includes mending, tailoring and adjusting wherever possible.

For more informations about the care of a specific item, please contact our store.

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