Monique Meier, founder of enSoie, crafts all the ideas with her own hands in intense sessions at the in-house atelier above the store. Monique creates mythical creatures with gnarled faces, called “les animaux fabuleux”, or beaming hooks and buttons. No pen or paper needed, only a lump of clay, artistically shaping, experimenting, studying and re ecting. There is still an element of mystery behind the creation process; ultimately, every object has its very own character.

All our bronze objects aim to make us appreciate what’s around us a little bit more and add that certain something to our homes: a chandelier to strike just the right ambiance for a cosy get- together, a hook to hang up your favourite coat, a knob to open and close your
 drawer and keep your precious cashmere safe, and so much more.

For the majority of our production, we head out into the rural countryside in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. There, two men, two generations, united by one passion, work side by side. In Max and Martin, the “Meister und Geselle”, we have found our perfect partners to carry the business forward. They belong to a small group of founders who master and apply traditional hand-casting techniques. The  final touch, again, is added by Monique Meier herself. The “patinage” is the  finishing process where the colour and texture nuances bring the object’s personality to life.

The company’s premises have been enriched by objects cast in bronze since the late 1980s, such as the dancing rabbits (1987), enSoie’s iconic symbol and lucky mascot, or the grand chandelier (1990). At enSoie we pursue long-lasting collaborative relationships with selected local artisanal manu- facturers and partners from abroad.