New enSoie alphabet pendants by Monique Meier

Monique Meier handcrafted the new enSoie alphabet pendants in our in-house atelier. Each letter is then hand-poured in high quality materials such as ceramic, brass, silver and gold.

Teatime with Sophie

Every year Sophie celebrates the beginning of the holiday season together with her nieces Carlotta, Marilou, Clara and family dog Billie. This year they are all wearing doupion silk dresses featuring the enSoie "Together" check design. Its colours symbolise love, joy and harmony.

The enSoie family wishes all of you a joyful holiday season.

Thinking of 1990

The 1990 collection consists of an eau de toilette, a laundry detergent and a scented candle*. Its warm and enveloping scent is tied to Anna Meier's childhood emotions and to the memory of her family home. Silk, rose, leather, wood, smoked cigars. Anna developed the scents together with a local perfumer. Handmade with love.

The description of a scent is impossible you have to wear it.

Photography by Sophie Meier

*The scented candle is hand-thrown at the in-house enSoie, hand poured in Einsiedeln and hand-painted by Anna herself. Therefore each vessel is a unique and available in store only.

In the countryside

Best friends Anna and Lisa spent a day with their kids in the countryside. They were having a picnic, playing hide and seek and singing songs. enSoie's new wool knitwear collection was keeping them warm and cozy.

Amara’s Day

Amara and Olin are wearing our current winter collection.


For these fine garments we used 100% italian woolcrepe. Available in store only.

Kids summer collection

Kids summer collection. Available exclusively at petit enSoie.

Kids Swimwear

Kids swimwear. Available exclusively at petit enSoie.


Impressions from our store.

Kids summer dresses

Discover our new summer dresses for kids at petit enSoie, Rindermarkt 23, 8001 Zürich.


Impressions from our store.

Badi-Saison starts now

Eleonore, Anna, Carlotta, Marilou, Clara & Rafael on a sunny afternoon on the Zürichsee. The swimwear collection is available at enSoie and petit enSoie.

Spring ceramics

This year's enSoie spring collection. Only available at enSoie Zürich, Strehlgasse 26, 8001 Zürich.

Ceramic shapes

First floor

Welcome to our first floor at Strehlgasse 26, 8001 Zürich

La maison enSoie

 A collection dedicated to all the crafts practiced in the house at Strehlgasse Zürich.