Summer essentials

Enjoying the heat - Eleonore at the Zürichsee, wearing our summer essentials. Every design is created in our own atelier and turned into high-quality products by small manufacturers. 

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth

Brighten up this cloudy spring

Anna and Marilou, enSoie Zürich

Anna and Marilou wearing our new colourful flower stamp print at Wühre, Zürich. 
All pieces were printed in Mitlödi, Switzerland and then sewn by our long-term partner in Hungary. 

The collection is available in additional colours at enSoie and petit enSoie in Zürich.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Spring colours

Matilda at atelier enSoie Zürich

Spring colours – Matilda visiting Anna at atelier enSoie, wearing our new pink knitwear outfit. Each piece is made of 100% Italian Merino wool, knitted in Germany.

New colours available in store only.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Celebrating spring at home

Flowers at enSoie family home

Fragrant flowers decorating our family home. These special edition vases are hand-painted and adorned with floral ornaments by our master ceramicist in Poland.

Available in store.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Celebrating spring with Marilou

Marilou at family home enSoie

Marilou at her grandparents' home wearing our Wendy dress. Each dress is sewn by our longterm partner in India and made of 100% Italian cotton. 

Available in store.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Ready for cosiness

Marilou in her room wearing our fishbone-print tracksuit. The sweater and pants are made of 100% cotton and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified. This combination is not only comfortable to wear at home but also perfect for a fun day outside.

Available in pink, blue and yellow.

The wait for spring is finally over 2

Marilou, Clara, Carlotta enSoie by Rafael Palacio Illingworth

Marilou, Clara & Carlotta at the botanical garden, wearing our Elizabethen striped dresses. Each dress is sewn in Hungary, made of 100% Italian cotton and OEKO-TEX® certified. 

Available in store.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

The wait for spring is finally over

Eleonore enSoie by Rafael Palacio Illingworth

Eleonore at Strehlgasse, wearing our iconic Alma striped dress. Each dress is sewn in Hungary, made of 100% Italian cotton and OEKO-TEX® certified. 

Available in store.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Equipped for winter season

Ciro on Brupbacherplatz playground wearing our knit-collection and the enSoie x namuk down jacket.

Ciro on Brupbacherplatz playground wearing our knit-collection and the enSoie x namuk down jacket.

Our knit-collection is manufactured in Germany, OEKO-TEX® certified and made of Italian Merino wool. The high quality down jacket is cuddly soft, completely water-repellent and RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified. This combination ensures to keep your little ones warm.

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Alma heart jewellery collection

Love rules forever – Eleonore at the atelier enSoie wearing the Alma heart jewellery collection.

Our fingerrings, bangles and ear studs are available in gold and silver. Each piece is hand made by our longtime partner goldsmith in Kolkata, India.

In the countryside

Best friends Anna and Lisa spent a day with their kids in the countryside. They were having a picnic, playing hide and seek and singing songs. enSoie's new wool knitwear collection was keeping them warm and cozy.

Cashmere 2018

Our classic high-quality cashmere stoles are handwoven in Nepal and produced in very limited editions. They are crafted to last many winters, keep you warm and hopefully become one of your favourite items. We advise you to use the stole gently and sparingly – handle with care.

Size: 130 x 130 cm / 51 x 51 in
Composition: 100% cashmere
Care and Maintenance: dry clean


Eleonore is wearing the linen "Dalma" dress in Marrakesh, Morocco.


Monique Meier, founder of enSoie, crafts all the ideas with her own hands in intense sessions at the in-house atelier above the store. Monique creates mythical creatures with gnarled faces, called “les animaux fabuleux”, or beaming hooks and buttons. No pen or paper needed, only a lump of clay, artistically shaping, experimenting, studying and re ecting. There is still an element of mystery behind the creation process; ultimately, every object has its very own character.

All our bronze objects aim to make us appreciate what’s around us a little bit more and add that certain something to our homes: a chandelier to strike just the right ambiance for a cosy get- together, a hook to hang up your favourite coat, a knob to open and close your
 drawer and keep your precious cashmere safe, and so much more.

For the majority of our production, we head out into the rural countryside in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. There, two men, two generations, united by one passion, work side by side. In Max and Martin, the “Meister und Geselle”, we have found our perfect partners to carry the business forward. They belong to a small group of founders who master and apply traditional hand-casting techniques. The  final touch, again, is added by Monique Meier herself. The “patinage” is the  finishing process where the colour and texture nuances bring the object’s personality to life.

The company’s premises have been enriched by objects cast in bronze since the late 1980s, such as the dancing rabbits (1987), enSoie’s iconic symbol and lucky mascot, or the grand chandelier (1990). At enSoie we pursue long-lasting collaborative relationships with selected local artisanal manu- facturers and partners from abroad.

enSoie Essence

enSoie’s olfactory range evokes nature through carefully chosen materials.
A woody, oral aroma was chosen to accentuate the aura of the “maison enSoie”, which is at once vitalising, stimulating, soothing, refreshing and harmonising: a scent designed to gently emphasise your uniqueness.

The key process begins with the creation of the essence, which is the amalga­ mation of various ingredients including geranium, peppermint, lavender, clove, green tangerine and rosemary. We collaborated with a local perfume maker in order to create a signature fragrance, harmoniously adjusted depending on the type of application, taking care to balance the notes to avoid any overpowering.

enSoie Essence consists of

#1 the perfume
#2 the scented candle
#3 the hand soap

We guarantee the use of sustainable and natural ingredients. Production in small, controlled batches allows us to maintain a product of very high quality.

100% Swiss­made.

Vichy ceramics

enSoie objects sprout many roots and what starts as a dessin for a silk scarf may end up as a real object made of ceramics. This is how ideas catch on and find their way into our homes. As for the hand-painted Vichy pattern, it all began with the checked woven fabric we all know and love.

When you hold our trademark checked Vichy ceramics in your hand, it’s all thanks to Ms Justyna Babel-Piktel and her team. A long-time friend of enSoie founder Monique Meier and a stellar partner since 1990, she was born in 1954 into a traditional Polish pottery family - the master ceramicist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw knows that all things beautiful are unique and imperfection is a quality. That is why she and her highly skilled team cast and paint everything by hand. Their mastery manifests itself in the intricate details and the one-of-a-kind quality of our ceramic range.

A classic line for every home

The variety of shapes and sizes are designed for your pleasure. Our classic Vichy ceramic line is the perfect set for your doppio, oolong tea, bouquet of roses, Bircher  muesli, spaghetti Bolognese, fruit and vegetables. A closer look at the pieces, which at first glance may appear identical, reveals the uniqueness of each item thanks to subtle variations in shape and colour.

What’s your colour?

The Vichy ceramic line comes in six classic colours inspired by Zürichsee during l’heure bleu (navy), a morning sky in springtime (baby blue), a local pine deep in the woods (green), dark thunder clouds on a summer’s night (black), a chilled raspberry yogurt (pink) or a forever loving heart (red). Limited colour editions feature temporarily in our very particular palette. In each instance, Justyna Babel-Piktel and her team mix the colours from scratch to give the collection its colour nuances. Some items come with a 10k gold-infused glaze and for these products we advise hand-washing. 

La maison enSoie

 A collection dedicated to all the crafts practiced in the house at Strehlgasse Zürich.

enSoie x namuk

Zusammen mit den Kinder Outdoorkleider Spezialisten von namuk haben wir eine Daunenjacke gemacht. Leicht, langlebig und warm für kalte, eisige Winter.

'Check' stole cashmere multicolour

The ‘Check’ stole is made of softest Mongolian cashmere. It is sure to become your favourite companion throughout the cooler months. It keeps you warm, cosy and stylish. The scarf has borders in different colours and is completed with a hand embroidered label.

size 130x130cm / 51x51in
100% cashmere

All of our scarves should be dry cleaned.
Photos by Chris Eggli