Relocation of petit enSoie

We are happy to welcome petit enSoie (formerly located at Rindermarkt 23) at

Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich

We look forward to seeing you here!

We will reopen next Monday

enSoie postcard

We are reopening this Monday, 11. May 2020 at 10h!
We very much look forward to seeing you again soon! 
Please note our new opening hours:

Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich
Monday to Friday: 10–19h
Saturday: 11–17h

petit enSoie
Rindermarkt 24
8001 Zürich
Friday to Saturday: 12–17h
(Starting 15. May 2020)

We kindly invite you to continue shopping online. Finally the pick-up option is available again!

Please note that the Bundesrat is calling on us to keep up our efforts to protect ourselves and others. We must all continue to follow the rules on hygiene and social distancing:

– We greet you with a smile instead of a handshake
– Keep your distance to staff members and other customers
– Cough and sneeze into a paper tissue or the crook of your arm

Anna, Sophie and Eleonore Meier

Love is the art of life

Love is the art of life

„Love is the art of life“ - Dieter Meier for enSoie, 2020

Hello 2020

2020 enSoie

Happy holidays

enSoie team zurich

The enSoie family wishes you joyful holidays and a happy New Year!

Special opening hours

Tuesday, 24. December 2019 (Christmas Eve): 9–16 h
Wednesday, 25. December 2019 (Christmas Day): closed
Thursday, 26. December 2019 (St. Stephen's Day): closed
Tuesday, 31. December 2019 (New Year's Eve): 9–16 h

Wednesday, 1. January 2020, (New Year's Day): closed
Thursday. 2. January 2020, (Berchtold's Day): 12–17 h

Reopening celebration

Celebrating the reopening of the enSoie Zürich store, which went through a carefully managed restoration of the historic interior dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Photos by Rafael Palacio Illingworth

Store restauration

We performed a carefully managed restoration of the historic interior of the enSoie store, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.


reopening celebration flyer

The carefully managed restoration of the historic interior, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, is accomplished. We kindly invite you to visit the refurbished enSoie store!

Reopening celebration
Friday, 25.10.19 from 17–19h with music and drinks.

SALE weeks at petit enSoie

SALE weeks at petit enSoie

SALE weeks at petit enSoie from 4. – 20. July 2019.
Enjoy up to 50% off on selected items.
In store only. 

Yearly enSoie Team Dinner Party!

enSoie team

Schnupf, Zürich

Construction Sale

enSoie construction sale

Surprises, trouvailles and one-of-a-kinds will be on sale for you exclusively next Thursday, June 20th, from 9–21h. Join us for this very special occasion. Music and drinks starting from 17h. enSoie Zürich Strehlgasse 26 8001 Zürich

Newspaper #1

Eleonore reading the enSoie newspaper

L’histoire des lapins – Eleonore reading our newspaper on the steps to Lindenhof. Portraying enSoie’s long history, the first edition is dedicated to our connection with Zürich, silk, and the dancing rabbits. This newspaper was printed in Zürich on FSC certified paper.
Read it, hang it or use it to wrap a gift.

Get your copy at

Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich


petit enSoie
Kids store
Rindermarkt 23
8001 Zürich

Subscribe here for the edition #2

Photo by Rafael Palacio Illingworth.

Cookbook release party

Last month we celebrated the launch of Sophie's cookbook "Familiengeschichten und Geheimrezepte" with a special dinner at the store. Katja Früh read aloud some family stories featured in the book and Dieter Meier performed some exclusive songs for the occasion.

Hello autumn! Event Photos

Impressions from our autumn party at petit enSoie!

Hello autumn!

Join us for soup, sirup, wine, face painting, live music and the release of our latest collab with namuk! Saturday, 27. October 2018 15–18h, petit enSoie Rindermarkt 23, 8001 Zürich.

Let‘s have some fun!

Store playlists

enSoie store playlists

Check out our new store playlists on spotify selected by our friend Alban Schelbert.

petit enSoie opening party

Impressions from the opening party at petit enSoie!

petit enSoie Eröffnungsfest

Wir freuen uns Euch
zur Eröffnung des Kinderladens
petit enSoie einzuladen.

face painting, balloons, food, fun,
champagne and sirup of course

Samstag, 2. Juni 2018
14–17 Uhr, petit enSoie
Rindermarkt 23, 8001 Zürich

“When we were kids, our grandmother knitted cardigans and our mother sewed dresses for us.” — Eleonore, Sophie and Anna Meier

enSoie has been creating adorable kids clothing since the early 1980s. With the second generation in charge, Eleonore, Sophie and Anna Meier  realised the long lasting dream by opening petit enSoie in March 2018 - a boutique for the little ones.

“Having young children of our own motivated us to create our own kids line.” — Eleonore and Anna Meier

At petit enSoie you can find anything for your children, reaching from elegant dresses to everyday jeans and charming interior objects. Always using high quality materials and handcrafts, petit enSoie is elegant and charming with a unique touch. We specialise in precious new born gifts and extraordinary clothing for boys and girls.

Our line

Newborn — 18 month
Our everyday cotton jersey line is made of Austrian cotton and manufactured in Switzerland. It contains simple onesies, pyjamas and day dresses. To keep the baby warm we created a knit collection made of 100% Italian wool, produced in Germany. Our precious 100% Mongolian cashmere blanket is a classic at enSoie and can be personalised to make a special gift. 

Size 86 — 128 (age 1.5 —8 years)
Our classic line for boys and girls consists of simple shirts, straight cut jeans and lovely cotton dresses. The knit collection, including a jumper, cardigan and v-neck gilet, keeps the kids warm. Our “club sportif” collection with allover printed trunks and sweaters makes every day look comfortable and cool.
In collaboration with outerwear experts namuk we created a down jacket. For the winter stroll, girls can wear our 'Harris Tweed' coat and the boys our marine jacket made of Austrian Loden. “Start to love rain” with our 'Pelikan' rain coat made of ETA proof (wind and water resistant) Swiss cotton. 

Our interior range covers everything from embroidered cushions, blankets, poufs, bronze lamps to silky rabbits. It will make every child's room unique, cosy and loveable. 

enSoie cares

Sustainability, both ecological and social is our core philosophy. Design wise we try to create timeless pieces that can be passed down generations. The materials we utilise are free from synthetic fibres and harmful substances. Most of our products are labeled with OEKO-TEX® 100, respectively 1000 or the GOTS. For our partners leading small manufactories we guarantee a fair salary and a good working space. Through decades of working together with our partners, many have become close family friends. 

Our “service après-vente” makes sure that all enSoie items are taken care of to last for many generations. Just a few examples include sewing on buttons, fixing holes, shortening pants or exchanging a coat's lining.

The store

petit enSoie is located in the heart of Zürich. Just a 5 minute walk from the motherhouse on the other side of the Limmat river. The store was designed by Eleonore Meier. “I wanted parents and kids to feel comfortable”, she says. The interior is fully made of wood, the shelves resemble small houses and the soft colours bring out a cosy atmosphere. 


petit enSoie

In spring 2018 we opened our very first kids store 'petit enSoie'.
At petit enSoie we offer unique, long-lasting, essential items; precious pieces lovingly designed and fair produced.

The kids store is now located at
Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich, Switzerland
[email protected]
+41 44 211 59 02


Some impressions from our Atelier in Zürich.

A trip to Kolkata

Visiting our long-time friend and partner Surendra Kumar Joshi.

petit enSoie

Come by say hi!

Saturday, 24.03.2018
Rindermarkt 23
8001 Zürich

Just a 5 minute walk from the enSoie motherhouse.

Sélection Mode Suisse chez enSoie

January 31

Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich

"Ceramics" by Eleonore Francesca Meier

Eleonore Francesca Meier

Shop + Champagne

Saturday, January 20, 10 –17h
Rindermarkt 23, 8001 Zürich

Team enSoie

Team enSoie Zürich

Team enSoie Zürich

"Oro de Cacao" Chocolat Dieter Meier

Oro de Cacao

In direkter Nachbarschaft von enSoie eröffnet Dieter Meier heute an der Wühre 15 seinen «Salon du Cacao». Dazu möchten wir Sie gerne einladen.

Der Geschmack des reinen Kakao. Schokolade, die ausschliesslich die natürlichen Aromen der Kakao-Bohne enthält. Ein neues industrielles Produktionsverfahren, das in der Schweiz in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Thilo Hühn (ZHAW) entwickelt wurde und die Verarbeitung von Kakao-Bohnen auf qualitativ hochwertigste Weise revolutioniert.

Im Gegensatz zur herkömmlichen Schokoladen-Fabrikation werden keine Fremdaromen zugefügt, um eine vollaromatische, fruchtige Schokolade zu erreichen, die auch bei einem hohen Kakao-Anteil nicht von Bitterstoffen dominiert ist.

Die Schokolade-Spezialitäten sind ab Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017 auch bei enSoie an der Strehlgasse 26 in Zürich erhältlich.

1 Year Le café enSoie by ViCAFE

Sophie Meier, Anna Meier and Nadia Mohat, enSoie x ViCAFE

Today we celebrate "Le café enSoie by ViCAFE's" 1 year anniversary with Sophie, Nadia & Anna.

Vintage Sale Art & Photo Books

Vintage Sale
Art & Photo Books
26.11.2017 1-6pm
Rindermarkt 23
8001 Zürich

enSoie presents @ Rindermarkt 23

Am Rindermarkt 23, 8001 in Zürich, präsentiert enSoie bis am 23. Dezember 2017 eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen.

#1 21.10. Simon Trüb, Keramiken
#2 24.10. Julian Zigerli, store bis am 23. Dezember
#3 10.11.-12.11 Studio Ilio, Design Objekte
#4 18.11. Konga Bar
#5 26.11. Vintage art & photo books by Chris Eggli
#6 14.12. Bestiaire Intime, Poesie Lesung

enSoie x Reportagen Werkstatt

Zusammenarbeit mit Reportagen.

Le Café enSoie by ViCAFE

Le Café enSoie by ViCAFE

Le café enSoie by ViCAFE
Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich

Angebot: Frische Kaffeegetränke und Backwaren
Kaffee-Preise ab CHF 3.-
Öffnungszeiten: Montag – Freitag, 08:00 – 16:00; Samstag, 09:30 – 17 Uhr