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Sustainability, both social and ecological, is our core philosophy. We are mindful and respectful of ancient crafts and deeply committed to keeping them alive. For over 30 years, we have established successful partnerships with small, often family-run manufacturers who work exclusively for us. enSoie uses certified fabrics and colours wherever possible.


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All our textile collections are designed at our Zurich atelier. Art director Anna Meier is in charge of cuts and prints. She draws every single design by hand. Our fashion collections are created in close collaboration with a couture seamstress from Zurich. With our roots reaching back to the silk house Brauchbar & Sons, founded in 1894, we have a vast archive that we can use for inspiration. We champion traditional textile crafts and techniques such as hand painted silk, block printed silk, hand woven fabrics and many more. Production takes place in Kolkata, India and Budapest, Hungary. We have been working with the same producers for over 20 years.
All our fabrics are free of harmful substances (tested by UL AG, or TESTEX). Cotton fabrics not produced by our partners are supplied by Albini. They are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved.
enSoie embroidery work


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Monique Meier and master ceramicist Justyna Piktel have been friends for over 25 years. Justyna is responsible for every one of enSoie’s handmade and unique ceramics. Whether casting a simple cup or painting intricate shapes on a vase - she and her two employees at the family pottery in Pruskow, Poland strive for artistic perfection.
All materials used are 100% free of harmful substances such as lead.
Justyna and Monique Meier


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Every piece of enSoie jewellery begins its journey at our Zurich atelier as an idea, a drawing, a sketch or a basic model made of modelling clay or wire. Over at Atelier enSoie Appenzell in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, our partner and goldsmith Sebastian Fässler forges our ideas into prototypes - the first unique pieces of enSoie jewellery. Production takes place in Kolkata, India, where all items are hand forged in 925 sterling silver by a master goldsmith and his five assistants. Gold-plating is done in Switzerland.

enSoie jewelry work


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enSoie is all about family fabrics. We design everything in-house. All members of the family are actively involved in the design process: while founder and creative director Monique Meier oversees the business side, her youngest daughter Anna leads the design team and is responsible for textile prints, cuts and shapes. Sophie works as our in-house artist and brand ambassador. Her older sister Eleonore runs Atelier enSoie L.A. together with her husband Rafael. The couple also looks after enSoie’s video and photography production. Francis, the youngest, contributes his talents in sound art.
The extended family also includes Sebastian Fässler of Atelier enSoie Appenzell. The goldsmith and cherished friend prototypes our jewellery and designs scarves and ceramics.
Artisanal techniques, challenging convention and constant reinvention are at the heart of our design principles. We are always keen to partner up with other creative minds. Our new atelier shops in L.A. and Kolkata allow us to spread the family fabrics on a global scale and connect with local artists, designers and craftspeople.

Anna Meier in Kolkata


Textiles: Wherever possible, we work with certified textiles. Our Italian producers are certified with Öko-Tex Standard 100. Our Indian cotton producers are certified by Bureau Veritas. Our Doupion and yarn producers confirm in writing that all their products are free from harmful substances and chemicals. All non-certified products are regularly tested by the independent Swiss testing institutes TESTEX and UL AG.
Cashmere: We use cashmere from Todd & Duncan in Scotland. They confirm that all their yarns are made in Scotland and comply with the EU Directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals).
Jewellery: We only use 925 sterling silver for our silver items. Our silversmith confirms in writing that all products he provides comply with European and Swiss legislation regarding harmful substances. All items are tested three times before being sold by G.N. Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata upon import by the Swiss Central Control Bureau of Precious Metals upon arrival at the store by one of our employees. All gold items are plated with 18 carat gold in Zug, Switzerland. The gold complies with European and Swiss legislation regarding harmful substances.
Leather: All our leather is supplied by a small Swiss manufacturer with whom we have worked for over 10 years. The calf leather we use is of Swiss origin.