Linda toiletry bags

vichy navy red

CHF 45.00

Our sturdy ‘Linda’ toiletry cases are hand made from our signature woven textiles. For makeup, toiletries, paintbrushes or otherwise. They are lined in thick cotton, with a pom-pom closure on a metallic zip and a hand embroidered enSoie logo. Please note that the colour of the lining may differ with every object.

enSoie products are handmade with care and can vary from item to item. We believe this is what gives them their distinctive touch.

size XS 4x6.5x11cm / 1.5x2.5x4.5in
size S 4x6.5x19cm / 1.5x2.5x7.5in
size M 5x9x19cm / 2x3.5x7.5in
size L 8x11x22cm / 3.5x4.5x9in

100% cotton

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