Room spray geranium/spruce

CHF 59.00

The Raumspray is a room spray crafted to soothe the mind and provide a long-lasting freshness for your homes. 
The spruce belongs to the pine family and is found in the Swiss Alps. Its fresh, spicy and woody scent is said to have soothing and calming qualities. Geranium has antibacterial features, giving the air instant and pleasant freshness. The scent unfolds with only a few splashes in the room.

Size: ℮ 118 ml

Refill and recycle: We offer an in-store refill for most of our care products for 5 CHF off the original price.

Due to customs export regulations, we are prohibited from shipping our care products internationally. Therefore, unfortunately, sale is only possible within Switzerland.

More information

- Ingredients: Alcohol, water, perfume with natural essential oils
- High proportion of natural ingredients * Natural raw materials including Ethanol 93.5%
- Vegan
- No animal testing
- Scent developed in Zürich, Switzerland
- Manufactured in Switzerland
- Designed at atelier enSoie Zürich
- Bottle 100% glass, printed in Switzerland
- Refill and recycle