Strehlgasse 26
8001 Zürich, Switzerland
[email protected]
+41 44 211 59 02

Monday to Friday: 9–19h
Saturday: 10–18h

enSoie second season

Spiegelgasse 7
8001 Zürich, Switzerland
[email protected]
+41 44 261 58 88

Wednesday to Friday: 12 - 18h 
Saturday 12 - 17h 
closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

to the future through the past

enSoie’s story began in 1894 as a silk-trading company. Today the store and atelier are situated in the old town of Zürich and run by founder Monique Meier and her daughters Eleonore, Sophie and Anna. The brand is known for its creativity and artistic explorations. At enSoie we design and produce our products ourselves, partnering always with the best craftspeople and artists to reinterpret traditional techniques and experiment with all kinds of materials. The company aims to offer unique, long-lasting, essential items; precious pieces lovingly designed and produced locally – and sometimes even manufactured in-house, with absolutely no risk to you or our planet.

enSoie house by Simon Trüb
Silhouette of two well dressed rabbits dancing