To the future through the past

enSoie’s story began in 1894 as a silk-trading company. Today the store and atelier are situated in the old town of Zürich and run by founder Monique Meier and her daughters Eleonore, Sophie and Anna. The brand is known for its creativity and artistic explorations. At enSoie we design and produce our products ourselves, partnering always with the best craftspeople and artists to reinterpret traditional techniques and experiment with all kinds of materials. The company aims to offer unique, long-lasting, essential items; precious pieces lovingly designed and produced locally – and sometimes even manufactured in-house.

Eleonore, Anna, Monique & Sophie Meier, enSoie Zürich


Founding of the textile company “Königsberger, Schimmelburg & Cie” in Zürich.


The Viennese tradesmen Edmund Brauchbar and the brothers Emil, Sigmund and Jakob take over the business.

Abraham & Brauchbar Family


The name is changed to “Abraham, Brauchbar & Co.”


Rudolf Brauchbar & Co., Zürich. Rudolf und Florie Brauchbar.

Rudolf Brauchbar & Cie.


Rudolf Brauchbar & Co., Zürich. Family Meier


Monique Meier becomes director and opens the first retail store at Oetenbachgasse 13, 8001 Zürich.

Monique Meier in Paris

Yello was formed.

Dieter Meier and Boris Blank


The name is changed into “Sourire enSoie AG, Zürich”. Textile designer Ines Boesch joins the company.
Raphael, Francis, Monique, Eleonore, Ines, Ruben, Sophie and Anna (from left to right).

Meier and Boesch Family


The enSoie rabbit becomes a part of the company’s logo and its products as a cheerful mascot.

enSoie logo, old

The second retail store opens at Strehlgasse 26, with the brand name “enSoie”.
The “Haus zum Kleinen Kindli” was built in the 14th century and rebuilt in the 17th century, where it got extended to four floors.
It features a 1692 stateroom with stucco ceiling by Samuel Höscheller (1630 – 1713).

Haus zum Kindli


The production of the first enSoie silk foulard. An item that soon became an essential part of the brand identity. Condensing the artistic dreams and wishes in a piece of silk.


enSoie foulards


Costumes for the movie “The Lightmaker” by Dieter Meier.

Light Maker by Dieter Meier

The company’s premises have been enriched by objects cast in bronze since the late 1980s, such as the dancing rabbits (1987), enSoie’s iconic symbol and lucky mascot, or the grand chandelier (1990). At enSoie we pursue long-lasting collaborative relationships with selected local artisanal manufacturers and partners from abroad.

Monique Meier


When you hold our trademark checked Vichy ceramics in your hand, it’s all thanks to Ms Justyna Babel-Piktel and her team. A long-time friend of enSoie founder Monique Meier and a stellar partner since 1990, she was born in 1954 into a traditional Polish pottery family - the master ceramicist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw knows that all things beautiful are unique and imperfection is a quality. That is why she and her highly skilled team cast and paint everything by hand. Their mastery manifests itself in the intricate details and the one-of-a-kind quality of our ceramic range.

Justyna Piktel


Silver, buttons, jewellery: S.K. Joshi in Kolkata, India.

Radhika Joshi


Goldsmiths studio; Collaboration with the gold- and silversmith, Sebastian Fässler, who leads the studio in the canton of Appenzell, Switzerland for the fifth generation.

Sebastian Fässler


Monique and Dieter Meier take over the majority of shares from “Sourire enSoie AG”.

Monique & Dieter Meier


Further flagship stores open in Düsseldorf, Germany and Palm Beach, USA.
Formulation of an own perfume in Florence, whose traditional making and natural essences allowed only little product quantity.

enSoie perfume


Opening of the store in New York, USA.


“Hasenzauber” exhibition in museum Bellerive, Zürich.

Hasenzauber enSoie Ausstellung


The “Haus zum Kleinen Kindli” at Strehlgasse 26 is listed under preservation orders.

Zum Kleinen Kindli


Anna Meier assumes design and creative direction.

Anna Meier


Opening of the store in Los Angeles, USA. Eleonore & Rafael Palacio Illingworth Meier.

enSoie LA opening


Family Joshi open a partner store in Kolkatta, India.

Team enSoie Kolkata


Opening of the “Café enSoie by VICAFE” at Lindentreppe, Strehlgasse 26, 8001 Zürich.

Nadia at le cafe ensoie by vicafe


Reconstruction and opening of the first floor at Strehlgasse 26.

Anna in front of cushions


In spring 2018 we opened our very first kids store 'petit enSoie'.
At petit enSoie we offer unique, long-lasting, essential items; precious pieces lovingly designed and fair produced.

petit enSoie
Kids store
Rindermarkt 23
8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Cookbook by Sophie Meier

We celebrated the launch of Sophie's cookbook "Familiengeschichten und Geheimrezepte" with a special dinner at the store. Katja Früh read aloud some family stories featured in the book and Dieter Meier performed some exclusive songs for the occasion.

Photography: Linda Suter
Graphic design: Moiré

Printed in Switzerland