enSoie Values

Remaining faithful to our core value of sustainability, both social and environmental, running a family business for over 30 years, and establishing successful, long-term partnerships with small manufacturers – all these factors have helped us create a company that we are proud to run and work for. We guarantee environment-friendly products, we make designs to last, we use high-quality materials and we ensure fair working conditions. We regularly visit all of our manufactories. Transparency is crucial to us. We never throw a fabric away. We take pleasure in using up every button, zipper or piece of clay to make something long lasting and beautiful.

Design & Materials

At enSoie we design everything in-house at our atelier in Zürich, right above the store. Our small team is headed by family member Anna Meier, our creative director since 2013. Anna wants to create designs that last, designs that are classic, timeless and artistic. Uniqueness and individuality are important to us. We foster these values by manufacturing in small series. We use natural fibers that are degradable and we also reuse leftovers. High quality organic materials are largely sourced from certified suppliers in order to ensure environment-friendly products. Monitoring the working conditions of our material suppliers is essential to us.


Kolkata, India

It was in the late 1970s when Monique Meier, founder of enSoie, traveled to India to meet with our partner Surendra Joshi for the first time. Together they explored traditional Indian crafts and textile techniques. Today, we still work with Joshi and his team and are proud to continue producing with the same craftspeople. We are committed to fair working conditions; we continuously improve sustainability performance and work towards shared goals. We meet in India and Zürich on a regular basis.

Pruszków, Poland

Justyna Babel-Piktel, a longtime friend of founder Monique Meier, is our ceramicist partner in Poland. She was born into a family of potters and is a professor of ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Today thanks to Justyna and her highly skilled team, we continue to create a line of one-off ceramics with intricate hand-painted details. Justyna creates her unique objects at home in her own studio. 

enSoie ceramic manufactory

enSoie objects sprout many roots and what starts as a dessin for a silk scarf may end up as a real object made of ceramics. This is how ideas catch on and find their way into our homes.

enSoie ceramic manufactory

As for the hand-painted Vichy pattern, it all began with the checked woven fabric we all know and love.

enSoie ceramic manufactory

When you hold our trademark checked Vichy ceramics in your hand, it’s all thanks to Ms Justyna Babel-Piktel and her team. A long-time friend of enSoie founder Monique Meier and a stellar partner since 1990, she was born in 1954 into a traditional Polish pottery family- the master ceramicist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw knows that all things beautiful are unique and imperfection is a quality.

enSoie ceramic manufactory

That is why she and her highly skilled team cast and paint everything by hand. Their mastery manifests itself in the intricate details and the one-of-a-kind quality of our ceramic range.

ceramics team poland, ensoie

A classic line for every home

The variety of shapes and sizes are designed for your pleasure. Our classic Vichy ceramic line is the perfect set for your doppio, oolong tea, bouquet of roses, Bircher muesli, spaghetti Bolognese, fruit and vegetables. A closer look at the pieces, which at rst glance may appear identical, reveals the uniqueness of each item thanks to subtle variations in shape and colour.

enSoie ceramic manufactory

What’s your colour?

The Vichy ceramic line comes in six classic colours inspired by Zürichsee during l’heure bleu (navy), a morning sky in springtime (baby blue), a local pine deep in the woods (green), dark thunder clouds on a summer’s night (black), a chilled raspberry yogurt (pink) or a forever loving heart (red). Limited colour editions feature temporarily in our very particular palette. In each instance, Justyna Babel-Piktel and her team mix the colours from scratch to give the collection its colour nuances. Some items come with a 10k gold- infused glaze and for these products we advise hand-washing.

enSoie ceramic manufactory

To the Future through the Past

enSoie’s story began in 1894 as a silk- trading company. Today the store and atelier are situated in the old town of Zürich and run by founder Monique Meier and her daughters Eleonore, Sophie and Anna. The brand is known for its creativity and artistic explora- tions. At enSoie we design and produce our products ourselves, partnering always with the best craftspeople and artists to reinterpret traditional techniques and experiment with all kinds of materials. The company aims to offer unique, long-lasting, essential items; precious pieces lovingly designed and produced locally – and sometimes even manufactured in-house, with absolutely no risk to you or our planet.

enSoie ceramic manufactory

Repairs & Alterations

Our products are made to last. We will repair our items or provide an alternative solution. Our service includes repairs and tailoring alterations. For more information please contact us.

Handle our items with love and care.